Hen In The Fox House

Hen in the Fox House

This is Pastor Marnie Leinberger’s sermon from Sunday, February 21, 2016.  The scripture Luke 13:31-35. In our service we read from the New Revised Standard Version and from The Message, a modern interpretation by Eugene Peterson. We read both with the hope that our understanding will be enriched.

This is from The New Revised Standard Version:

31 Just then some Pharisees came up and said, “Run for your life! Herod’s on the hunt. He’s out to kill you!” 32Jesus said, “Tell that fox that I’ve no time for him right now. 33Today and tomorrow I’m busy clearing out the demons and healing the sick; the third day I’m wrapping things up. Besides, it’s not proper for a prophet to come to a bad end outside Jerusalem. 34Jerusalem, Jerusalem, killer of prophets, abuser of the messengers of God! How often I’ve longed to gather your children, gather your children like a hen, Her brood safe under her wings— but you refused and turned away! 35And now it’s too late: You won’t see me again until the day you say, ‘Blessed is he who comes in the name of God.’”

Both the New Revised Standard Version and The Message can be found here.