Whatcha Got In That Flask?

Sometimes we are the foolish ones, no? And I think foolish is too harsh a term. Sometimes we just aren’t prepared no matter how much we think we are, no matter how much we want to be. Sometimes it just seems like God’s pretty far away and is taking WAY too long to get back.

All This Reforming is Wearing Me Out


All This Reforming Is Wearing Me Out

This is Rita Marquez’ sermon from Sunday, October 29, 2017.

The scripture is Romans 8:31-36. In our service we read from the New Revised Standard Version and from the Common English Bible. We read both with the hope that our understanding will be enriched. 

You can find both The New Revised Standard Version and The Common English Bible  here.

You can find the sermon, written by PastorDawn, here: Pastor Dawn, a 21st Century Progressive Christina Pastor

Who? Me?

God is calling us out of our way to go explore. Calling us out of our comfortable life and take a risk. To allow God to call us to something more than we are, bigger than we are. To allow God to call us to something we think, perhaps, like Moses, we cannot do.

Do Unto Others

Treating others as we would like to be treated reminds us that we are all human beings made up of wonder and majesty. It is a reminder that we all make mistakes. That we all live in varying and varied circumstances.

To treat others as we would like to be treated means that we hold one another in hope, and we strive to assume the best in one another.

Radical Humility

It is not an easy road to follow. Rage, revenge, violence – those are always quicker than finding a road that is more peaceful, more transformative.  Retribution offers us instant gratification. When we live a life of radical humility, a life of active kenosis, we might never see transformation we hope to enable.  But, true to the spirit of kenosis…it isn’t about us anyway.