Radical Humility

It is not an easy road to follow. Rage, revenge, violence – those are always quicker than finding a road that is more peaceful, more transformative.  Retribution offers us instant gratification. When we live a life of radical humility, a life of active kenosis, we might never see transformation we hope to enable.  But, true to the spirit of kenosis…it isn’t about us anyway. 


The good news is we don’thave to do it alone.
As long as we go to the pool,
tired or not,
believing or not,
thinking it’ll work or not,
as long as we go the pool God will show up and God will do it for us.
But we have to keep going to the pool.

Can You Hear Me Now?

I’ve heard people say, “this isn’t what our country is about.”  Finally, the image of a Nazi flag in Charlottesville was enough to bring us out of our stupor, or our denial.  Of course, my friends who are people of color are quick to point out that this is EXACTLY what our country was founded on. Our country was founded on genocide and supported by slavery -- and the bible was used to justify every step.

This is the sin of white supremacy.

This is the sin of racism.

And our country must repent.