Answers to some Basic FAQs:

How much is a plot?
Plots will be $40.00 per year for a basic 4' x 12' plot. This covers the plot, water, one square yard of compost, one square yard of garden soil and any technical assistance you may need.

Is there a contract people sign?
Yes, members need to sign an agreement with the garden to follow the rules of the garden community.

Will there be rules?
Yes there is a comprehensive set of rules that govern the operation of the garden. You will be provided a list of rules at the Garden meetings.

When are the Garden meetings?
We meet on the 2nd Saturday of the month at 9:00 a.m. 

When is the growing season?
The growing season is Mid-April thorough the first frost (Usually around the 10th of October). Water to the plot will be turned on in Mid-May (depending on weather conditions).

Who can I talk to about a question I have that is not covered here?
You can call Deric anytime at 719-281-6520.

Be sure to visit/join our Facebook Group here: Miracle Community Garden Facebook Group.