Our Mission:

Milagro Christian Church cultivates love that is greater than our differences.

Our Vision:
Building relationships

At Milagro, we build meaningful relationships through intentional community, small groups, prayer and sharing our lives through story.

Nurturing Youth
At Milagro, we nurture youth through Godly Play, Youth Group, Summer Camp, Mission Trips and mentoring.

Mission Outreach
At Milagro, we prayerfully reach out through mission by serving those in need, providing a safe harbor and advocating for mercy, compassion, and justice.

Shared Story
At Milagro, we share our lives through story in worship, community, fellowship, fun and multi-media.

Our Values:
Diversity of all kinds, not just limited to ethnicity, while still maintaining a core identity as a gospel-driven, outreach-centered church;

Empowerment of those who are historically underserved through education, physical and spiritual support, and challenging those systems in the community that oppress, segregate, and otherwise act to disempower;

Outreach through generous outpouring of the church's gifts;

Hospitality for those who seek the church and for those whom we encounter in the community who have been marginalized;

Compassion for all of God's children;

Prayer and Study both as an individual spiritual discipline and together as the Body of Christ;

Growth through service, evangelism and the manifestation of God's love in our words and actions;

Community centered on Christ-like love not only as a church family, but also within small groups and individual relationships;

Commitment to a lifelong journey of faith that never ceases to grow.