God's Dwelling Place

July 22, 2014

God’s Dwelling Place ~ Donna Schaper

For a day in your courts is better than a thousand elsewhere. I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my god than live in the tents of wickedness.”  From Psalm 84

                Living in the courts of the Holy is a great understanding of an ordinary day. We go in, we go out. Doors mark our time. We are not stuck anywhere. We are people on the move, from one holiness and one strength to another. We go from strength to strength.

                Unfortunately we are habituated to living our courtless lives. We find ourselves spending tie in the tents of wickedness, whether we want to or not. We imagine that our 401K’s ups and downs define our security. They do not. We imagine that having health insurance is the key to having health. It is not. We imagine that very little can be done to stop crime or properly reform criminals. Indeed, when we stand at the gate of the holy, we are filled with ideas for forgiveness, reparation, renewal of those, including us, who have “gone wrong.” There is nothing permanent about the tents of the wickedness for us or for criminals. What is permanent is the court of the holy. We can spend every day there.

                When we imagine our lives as doorkeepers to the courts of the holy, we let go of what we think is the norm on behalf of a new normal. We live a different way, as people who “wake up and smell the possibility,” in the great works of Alice Walker.

PRAYER: Spirit of the Living God, tell us what it is that keeps us from being good doorkeepers. Give us detail. And then send us to the gates and let us move in and out of holiness with joy and gratitude. Amen.

Taken from the United Church of Christ devotional, God Is Still Speaking: 365 Daily Devotionals, ed. Christina Villa (Cleveland: The Pilgrim Press, 2013), 217.