On the Way to the Springs and Palm Trees

July 29, 2014

On the Way to the Springs and Palm Trees ~ Ron Buford

He cried out to the Lord; an the Lord showed him a piece of wood; he threw it into the water, and the water became sweet. From Exodus 12:22-27

The trip was going badly as he led the children of Israel out of Egypt. In this moment of desperation, Moses did the three things we should all do. First: call on God – in good times and bad. Second: be open to God’s answer when we sense an answer – even when it seems…well, strange. And, finally, we should act on what God reveals through the sacred texts, prayer and impressions or hunches we get on our daily prayerful walk with God.

It’s not always easy. Would you have thrown that piece of wood in the water? I doubt that I would have. I might have been more afraid that I’d look desperate or foolish.

How does one know the will of God? Sometimes you don’t know. Sometimes you have to take the risk, the leap of faith. And after taking the risk, you will know because the bitter undrinkable water in your life will become sweet and healthy. If it doesn’t work, don’t be too proud to change course... but notice how Moses’ temporary solution eventually leads the people to an abundance of water.

So it is in life. In conflict, add a little sweetness. In time, it will lead you and those in conflict to a greater abundance of peace.

PRAYER: Gracious God, help me bring calm and peace to a troubled situation in my life, my family, my community today. Help me take the risks needed to make peace. Bless the effort and help it lead to an abundance of peace. Amen

Taken from the United Church of Christ devotional, God Is Still Speaking: 365 Daily Devotionals, ed. Christina Villa (Cleveland: The Pilgrim Press, 2013), 224.