January 19

Sibs ~~ Quinn G. Caldwell

So his brothers were jealous of him… From Genesis 37:1 – 28.

The story of Joseph and his brothers reads like a textbook on birth order dynamics. There is Joseph, he of the famous coat, who’s effectively, though not literally, the youngest. He spends all day coming up with ways to annoy his older brothers, from tattling on them to having dreams in which he finally becomes the boss of the mall.

There are the middle brothers, always misbehaving and beating up on the youngest one – or selling them into slavery.

There's Reuben, the oldest and the responsible one, who calms the middle-child hellions down, tries to protect the baby, and is forever freaking out about what dad's going to say.

It will take a prison, a famine, a scheming minx, dreams, psychic powers, Pharaoh, and God to get his family back together. And you thought your family was screwed up.

God cares as much about your family is Joseph's. Got a sibling rivalry that's gone on long enough? A wound that's not going to heal till somebody says something important, like "I'm sorry" or "I forgive you"? Does somebody need to break out of his or her birth order? Perhaps today is the day to pray for God to intervene.

PRAYER: God, thank you for promising not to let separation and discord be the end of her family to love. And thank you that the youngest children always grow up to be more awesome than their to mean older sisters, which just serves them right for always calling her little brother names and never letting him play with her Barbies. Amen.