Stuck in the Kitchen


January 20

Stuck in the Kitchen ~~ Christina Villa

Whoever wished to be great among you must be your servant. From Matthew 20:17-28

Before I had my own family -- before I had a house, a dining room table -- I was always a guest at someone else's house for the holidays. Somebody else made all the invisible preparations, whatever they were, and all i had to do was show up, have a seat and east. I would sometimes feel a little sorry for whoever was stuck in the kitchen, but the feeling passed.

Then, one day, it started to be me who was stuck in the kitchen. I hated this. It made me feel like a servant. I could hear people talking and laughing in the other room -- probably spilling things I'd have to clean up later - and I felt excluded and taken for granted: a martyr to everyone else's good time.

But somehow, over the years, I gradually stopped feeling like a servant, even tough I was still doing all the same things. No sermon would have worked this magic. It was only doing it, over and over again, year after year, that I turned being a "servant" into something I didn't mind being.

I think of this as an everyday, non-divine example of what Jesus meant by "whoever wished to be great among you must be your servant." How can you be "great" and a "servant" at the same time? I don't know, but as usual, Jesus is right.

PRAYER: Make me question all my resentments, because no one else loves a martyr. Amen