General Assembly Resolutions and Reports, Monday, July 15


These are the ministry reports on the schedule for Monday, July 15.  -- ALL ITEMS SUBJECT TO CHANGE

1301 -- General Assembly of the Christian Church, including the Office of the General Minister and President
1317 -- Pension Fund
1305 -- Church Extension Financial & Missional Resources
1308 -- Council on Theological Education
1304 -- Christian Church Foundation
1302 -- Central Pastoral Office for Hispanic Ministries
1310 -- Disciples Home Missions
1311 -- Disciples Women

These are the resolutions on the schedule for Monday, July 15.  -- ALL ITEMS SUBJECT TO CHANGE
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1336 -- 2013 Amendments to the Design of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)        
Submitted by: General Board
                        Included are updates to how the General Board is organized to accomplish the work authorized by The Design; technical corrections; and a new process clarifying Recognized Ministry Partners providing for greater accountability and enhanced relationships. In addition is a proposal to institute a moderator-elect position and eliminate the past moderator’s place on the General Board.

1333 -- Regarding Parental Leave
Submitted by: Pacific Southwest Region; First Christian Church of Orange, CA; Foothills Christian Church, Glendale, AZ
            All expressions of the Church are encouraged to include parental leave for both births and adoptions as part of employment agreements for both clergy and lay persons.

1318 -- Celebrate & Reaffirm Commitment to New Church
Submitted by: New Church Ministry
            A list of new churches by region.

1323 -- Hearing Accessibility for Participants
Submitted by: Christian Church in the Upper Midwest
            In addition to calling on the General Assembly and regions to make meetings fully accessible to those with hearing loss, the submitters call for a workshop at the 2015 assembly on how groups are implementing these strategies.

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